Eating on the Wild Side

What’s on my bookshelf vol. 1: Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson

Eating on the Wild Side explores the nutrient levels in different fruits and vegetables and how they have changed over time. Corn, as it turns out, was once a bush which produced only a few kernels. Plant breeding eventually resulted in the large cob of corn kernels you see today. Along with the increase in kernels corn also saw an increase in sugar and a decrease in vitamins.

Most produce found in the grocery store has a fraction of the nutrients they once had. But there are ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your food.

When I buy and prepare produce I remember little tidbits from this book like:
– buy the reddest strawberries
– carrots cooked whole have more antioxidants than carrots cooked sliced
– tart apples have more health benefits than sweet varieties
– the most highly pigmented produce has the most antioxidants, unless you’re buying cabbage in which case stick with white

I could go on….

The book also recommends specific varieties of fruits and vegetables you can find at farmers’ markets. If you have any interest in optimizing your health through nutrition you’ve got to read this book. I find it endlessly fascinating and have read it multiple times.